2nd generation Khmer Kat Chen, Vietnamese + Pipil. Ecological Restorationist and Multimedia Artist exploring and working in ceramics for the last 7-10 years. Body of work is an amalgamation of passionate interests and endeavors. This ranges from natural resources, environmental and social justice, sexual and mental health and awareness, identity, self-care/love and other intersectionalities.

Before I discovered clay, I was a performing musician. I had the nickname "C.B.,' first given to me by my elementary school music teacher. It's my first and last initial, easy enough; add the fact that my last name is "Be," and there you have it, the beginnings of something brewing: CBe. ​Fast forward in time, to the period when I fell in love with clay; my life a play in pottery, consumed by ceramics, and there you have it, a naturally fitting brand name: CBe Ceramics. I like to think a piece of me goes into every creation. Every ware I create gets stamped with my name and brand. Know when you receive or purchase an item from my shop, you are investing and supporting high quality work. With thousands of purchases backed by thousands of five-star reviews, you can rely and depend on the quality and care I pour into what I do.