Happy Friday beautiful clay-loving friends

Today is the second restock of this month for items in my shop! A total of 36 items will be available. If you are a new to the space and have questions on how the ordering process works with my store, please look over my frequently asked questions (link will be at the end of this email) to read over how to proceed once the shop has been updated! There may be other topics that you have questions about, so feel free to browse each question! 

I have 6 mugs, 4 nug mugs, 7 bowls, 2 pipes, and 13 adornments that are ready to ship and will go out next week if ordered. A few items are marked down, some are on sale, and just a few are pre-orders. ETA for preorders is 8 weeks. For details on what is coming tonight, here is the link to the mailer I sent out to subscribers this morning:  https://shoutout.wix.com/so/e2NGr2RQF 

Ive been looking forward to this particular Friday a little bit extra for the last week. Hope to see some familar and new names in my queue tonight!



Here is the link to my FAQS: