Welcome to my blog!

The last time I used a format that was accessible to the public like this was when Livejournal was a thing. Is it still a thing? Anyhoo, I'll be using this space to share news, possibly images and more. Now, before we begin, lets start with

Some Basics:  

  1. Do you know about the beginnings of CBeCeramics? If not, here are a couple of links describing where the name came from and how my clay journey began.  https://www.cbeceramics.com/meet-the-maker               https://www.cbeceramics.com/about 
  2. Have you gone over my frequently asked questions (FAQs)? If not, here is another link, it will take you to that page. Please review them for clarity.


Hopefully this platform works better for me than the last. Thank you for being here with me. Thank you for being patient and supportive. Now lets get into some clay news:

I have caught up with customs! Huzzah!! I had such an enjoyable and manageable time doing this first round that I have decided to add another date for submissions this year! If you read over the FAQs, then you must have seen it! 

I am going to be offering preorders for a select number of designs for my first shop update, happening August 7th at 6pm PST. My next shop update will consist of ready to ship items, towards the end of August (TBA).  I will be sending reminder emails with details of what is going to be in those restocks, the day of.

Thank you for being here for all of this, thank you for supporting a living working artist. Thank you for investing in handmade art, in creativity, and in growth. I appreciate it and you SO MUCH.